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  • Model: GD454485
  • Weight: 0.42kg
  • 320AIR TOTAL MK: 239,037
  • 320SEA TOTAL MK: 229,587
  • JAN: 186,976
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Product attribute
After -sales service Three packages of the shop
Applicable battery 4 × AA battery
Applicable object TTL high -speed synchronization
Exposure Adjusted
Flag 20-200mm
Flash light type Professional flash
Flashes 60Gn
invoice No invoices are provided
Launch time 2019
Packet list Standardize
Products 64*76*190mm
suitable type Canon Nikon Sony Fuji ...
Supplier category Spot
The fastest shipping time 1 day
Type TT685N
Types of Top flash
Weight 0.42
Whether it can rotate Be
Whether to export the supply of supply for cross -border exports Be
Whether to support a replacement stand by

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